July 29, 2019
PLUSH 370 Microfiber
July 29, 2019



FEYNLAB® DETAILER is more than a 21st century ‘quick detailing spray.’ Utilizing FEYNLAB’s® true nano technology, DETAILER contains water-based polymeric cleaning agents which clings to light layers of dust and contaminants, removing them thoroughly. DETAILER adds a durable layer of significant hydrophobic & ‘self cleaning’ properties and additional gloss to vehicle exterior surfaces.

DETAILER is an ideal product to protect ALL coatings on the market from water spotting during the curing process.

Product Benefits

  • A durable ‘spray sealant’ which doubles as a traditional quick detailing product.
  • Use as stand-alone protection or to top ceramic coated vehicles.
  • An Excellent spot cleaner or drying aid after washing vehicle surfaces.
  • Safe for all vehicle exterior surfaces: paint, plastic, vinyl, rubber, etc.
  • Completely water based, Detailer is completely Body Shop safe – silicone free.
  • Perfect final step product to protect all coatings from water spotting during curing.

Durability & Application Surfaces
Durability – 3 months.


Detailer – A super hydrophobic, durable, slick, glossy, spray-on and wipe-off maintenance spray, drying aid, and sealant. Protects coatings from water spotting during the curing process.

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